Goetre Fach Road

Dawsons say they buck the trend on unrealistic ‘For Sale’ prices

Estate agents Dawsons claim they do not recognise the findings of a report suggesting property is taking longer to sell because some homeowners attempt to exploit unrealistic high sales figures.

Research by The Post Office found that the average property takes a month longer to sell than it would have done four years ago because of “greedy” sellers demanding unrealistic prices for homes.

But Dawsons say they encourage responsible and realistic approach to property pricing which goes against the grain of owners apparently being prepared to let properties sit on the market for longer, until someone is willing to stump up the cash… often never!

And the leading south Wales agent has documentary evidence of that with one property in Killay they sold after the first viewing – a clear case of a home being appropriately priced for the market.

“I would definitely say Dawsons buck the trend with regard over-pricing,” said Dawsons Senior Partner Chris Hope.

“Genuinely, It’s all down to good, experienced and proactive agents giving honest and supported advice to understanding clients.

“If the property is marketed fully/properly and a supported price is quoted (meaning using comparable sales evidence to determine the right asking price), there is every opportunity to sell quickly to the right motivated buyer.

“Too many agents ‘value’ at too high a price, which they think will keep the seller happy and a way of securing instructions. But this invariably leads to sellers eventually changing agents and slowing the whole ‘sales process’ down.

“The most successful agents sell quicker than others by giving the best ‘supported’ advice. The asking price is key as is a ‘proven’ Estate agent’.”

After having positive experiences with Dawsons over the years the householder at Goetre Fach Rd in Killay had no hesitation in contacting them with regards the sale of their home.

As well as Dawsons, another estate agent was contacted to give a valuation for sale and was recommended to ask £315,000. But she chose Dawsons’ researched and recommended price of £299,950 as a starting point

“I trusted Dawsons that theirs was the more realistic price,” said the householder.

“That proved to be the case and a day after Dawsons measured up, put it on the market and contacted their database of potential buyers, we agreed a price for £290,000, which we were very happy with.”

Added the vendor: “I think that just goes to prove that you have to be completely realistic when valuing houses and Dawsons are excellent at judging realistic market value.”