Top tips for selling your home if you have pets

We love them, don't we? Dogs, cats, hamsters, budgies, degus, goldfish - so many people are mad about their pets, and they're part of the family. 

Unfortunately, not every buyer is going to feel the same way about your beloved Fluffy as you do, and if you're trying to sell your home but having a spot of trouble doing so - it's a good idea to make sure your potential buyers aren't being swayed negatively by some of the not-so-great stuff that comes with pet ownership, which you might not even notice any more. 

Relocate your pet during viewings 

You might feel that it's unfair on your pet to move them out of their home, but it also can't be much fun for them with it seeming like strangers are turning up at random intervals invading their space. Really well-behaved dogs or cats might be okay, but it's always good to remember some people might have fears or allergies - even if they love the house, coming face-to-face with a rat if they're scared of them could ruin the whole experience and put them off completely.

Clean, clean, and clean a bit more

When you're a pet owner, you can be a bit blinded to pet hair. But someone looking to spend a lot of money buying a property will zone straight in on those things. It's a really good idea to give your home a thorough clean before each viewing - this will also help people who have allergies. Also don't forget to move litter trays, food and water bowls just while viewings are taking place. 

Repair any pet-related damage

Did your cat go through a stage of scratching the floor boards? Did your puppy have a nibble of the sofa? Whilst the sofa can be covered over, make sure any damage to the property itself is fixed before you start taking viewings. 

Tidy the garden

If you have dogs or cats, don't forget to check your garden for any missed 'deposits' or dead rodent gifts between viewings!

Eliminate pet smells

You might not be able to smell any pet odours, but your viewers will be able to. Consider using pet-friendly vacuum powder on carpets before vacuuming, and opening windows to air your home before viewings. 

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