Dawsons link with Swansea City FC Foundation in their #ActiveAgents 10 week challenge

Dawsons are delighted to announce they are working with the Swans Foundation to enhance the current wellness program.  The health and well-being of team Dawsons is most definitely a priority in 2024.

We implemented a health and well-being program back in 2019 which enabled team Dawsons to receive support should they need it 24/7 via our Wellness programme. This has proved invaluable for those members of staff who have taken the opportunity to use the services. It not only supports the team in their working life, but also life outside of the office, too, along with their families.  As a small independent business we want to ensure receive many of the benefits larger companies would provide, yet benefit from the smaller team/family business feel, best of both worlds. We hope by increasing our wellness package  this will enhance our teams well-being this year and beyond.  It has been a difficult few years for us all with the changes due to Covid, industry regulation and legislation updates, along with the commitment of every day life, our team work extremely hard day in day out and we want to be sure we support them in the best way possible. 

We have very much enjoyed working with the Foundation over recent weeks and looking forwards to the the coming months of this wellbeing programme.

Swans Active Agent artwork 2024

How active is the average estate agent?

Let’s find out ...the average daily steps of an office worker in Wales is 7,570 (*statistics taken from healthline.com in April 2024), we are going to get our agents moving a little bit more to encourage their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Being an estate agent, no matter what your role is within the agency, it is most likely very stressful each and every day. It’s not just showing people around glamorous houses as people imagine, it’s much more complex.

Taking Dawsons as an example of a small independent business here in South Wales, each role is varied, having several departments serving ‘All Things Property’ including: sales, residential lettings, auction, land and new homes, commercial, Dawsons Training Wales, financial services, Fine & Country, along with those on the ground, at the forefront, the faces people see in day day out, we must not forget the people who serve those departments in the background: the accounting, administrative, marketing, sales progression and professional teams along with the property management department, it takes a great team of people to function.  The circle of life within an Estate Agency means that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL in the business contributes to the successes achieved EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Some of the team will be at their desk 8 hours a day, some will be on their feet 8 hours a day, in and out of the car, walking around houses, so therefore the average steps of an agent would need to be broken down into office based/road based staff.

Regardless of the individuals role within our TEAM, our goal is to increase the step count of each and every team member to promote a healthier lifestyle and therefore a healthier mind.

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What better way to do this is there than teaming up with the charity and community arm of the local football club, Swansea City FC Foundation. Rhys has been instrumental in the TEAMS success to date and we are sure this will continue throughout the rest of the programme and beyond.  TEAM Dawsons are very competitive and the branches are busy getting their steps in during lunch, before and after work, the weekends, so the challenge has most definitely been accepted here, thanks to the Foundation and the support of Rhys.

If you are considering getting your TEAM more ACTIVE then contact the Foundation to discuss how they can help, via their website CLICK HERE